Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pet lover

Currently we have two dogs and four cats. We are about to have some puppies because our miniature chihuahua is pregnant. I would hate to lose any of our pets (except for maybe the cats :-). However, I will never have a pet like this one!

Awww! How cute. Look at the little boy and his mammoth sized python!...


  1. glad to hear you still have your's the black feline who howls up and down the hall, then climbs into your guest's bed, then taps on the bathroom door during shower moments the following morning? the name escapes me:)

  2. Have no fear, the annoying black feline you referred to has long since been gotten rid of. I couldn't stand the annoying thing. She was replaced by a lovely miniature chihuahua. By the way, the chihuahua is not like most chihuahuas, she is very quiet and very friendly.

    In case you are wondering, the four cats and other dog are all located outside of the house. If I have my way I will never have another cat in the house. Of course, if I had my way I wouldn't have any cats outside either...