Saturday, December 22, 2007

Great Quote!

Forgive me for getting political again, but I just read the following quote from Mike Huckabee in a news story and I can't help but pass it on.

"God is not spelled G-O-P, and if the G-O-P ever leaves G-O-D then the G-O-P will lose m-e."


  1. I am glad you have found your canidate. I felt like you for a short while. Then little things began to emerge, then bigger things until I realized Mike is a politician first, a christian second or third. He has not been a true conservative, He is using his religion to further his campaign. When he could have sided with conservatives in his own denomination he did not. He is conserative when it is convenient. I would think more of him if he didn't wrap himself in religion just to entice the evangelical crowd, I expect it will blow up in his face. His statement against Mormanism did not have to be said, he should face Mitt on the issues not his faith. The Lord knows we wouldn't agree with Southern Baptists in very many areas. Just some thoughts for you to ponder.


  2. Not LDS or Jewish, thank heaven!12/29/2007 05:09:00 AM

    Why don’t people get that all of this is completely irrelevant. Romney is the only one who will be capable of winning the general election. The various reasons behind this truth would fill up too many pages in blog to expound. I invite anyone doubting this to please revisit this blog in November after Huck or McCain get STEAMROLLED by the dems.

    Anyone here defending Huckabee as a presidential candidate is actually defending Hillary.

    When are Huckabee and McCain supporters going to finally realize what most of us can CLEARLY see: They are unelectable. Period.

    Stop supporting Huckabee, your Huck/McCain primary votes are going to put Hillary and Obama in office. Seriously, just vote for Hillary now and save us time.

  3. not lds or Jewish, thank heaven!12/29/2007 05:10:00 AM

    Follow up to my previous comment:

    I said I would not expound on the MANY reason they are unelectable.

    Can’t resist. Here are a few revealing ones:
    Why did the Concord Monitor Newspaper attack Mitt Romney so ruthlessly? These people are as liberal Democratic as they come. What about Romney scares them enough to lash out like that? Hmmmm….It sounds like these Hillary lovers really want Huck to be the nominee in November. I wonder WHY?

    Rush Limbaugh. The guy lives and breathes for the Republican party. He’s spent his career defending and promoting the GOP, through thick and thin. I wonder why he has come out so vocally AGAINST Huckabee??? Hmmm…He’s obviously protecting his beloved GOP from something….Could it be ignorant Huckabee supporters who don’t understand that Mike Huckabee will NEVER be elected by the general population outside of the Bible Belt. Rush knows it, so should Huckabee supporters.

    Can you sense the frustration level?

    Here's one more thought to keep you up at night (no, it’s not Huck sitting across a table from Ahmadinejad). The supreme court is ONE judge away from overturning Roe v Wade. Romney will appoint a pro-lifer, Hillary Won’t. Given that Huck/McCain can’t win, it appears that Huckabee voters are really in favor of abortion. Think about it.