Monday, November 12, 2007

Very Funny!

Keith Waggoner featured a video of comedian Brian Regan on his blog today. It's very funny you should check it out.

I just saw the video below and it cracked me up. We have an iron shaped burn on the carpet in my bedroom so this video is extremely relevant. :-)

This video makes me wonder...a certain pastor, while in Bible school, who I won't mention his name (Joel Byer) once touched a hot iron to his chin to see if it was hot. It was, and he wore the scar of the incident to prove it. It was quite humorous to see the tip of the iron burned into his chin. There was even a burn spot from where one of the holes from the iron had been. I wonder, if that scar still shows...?

Perhaps this pastor could enlighten us on this matter? :-)


  1. I'm sure all PR travelers could relate a tale or two on this subject...I know of one young lady who burned her neck trying to iron a blouse while she was wearing it...
    at another stop, I noticed in horror an iron-shaped shadow in the carpet of a church vestibule...(same gal).. I never could get time between their cell-phone calls to iron out the issue.

  2. Hi Jon.

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    So I thought you might be interested in this new blog I created entitled "We Want a Christian President..."


    I want as many people as possible to get involved in the effort. Please check it out when you get the chance.

  3. Sure.

    Just go ahead and try to smear my character with some alleged misdeed from the past. It won't work, because you can't prove it.
    After all, it depends on what the definition of "burn" is.