Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Huckabee on the rise

Mike Huckabee is on the rise as a candidate for President. I truly believe that he is the best man for the job as our next president. He has been steadily rising in the polls and this of course has lead to the attacks by those who oppose him which just tells me that they're running scared. Fred Thompson is self destructing and I think that this is only going to help Huckabee as some of his supporters will hopefully begin to see the light and switch their support.

Dick Morris just posted this article entitled "Huckabee can win Iowa." By the way, nationally Huckabee is currently in third place behind Giuliani and just barely behind Thompson.

So, if you're still not sure who to support, take a look at this link and give Huckabee a chance.

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  1. Hey pastor,

    Thanks for the video on Hukabee. He's a sound man, and he carries himself well. I appreciated his answer on the Creation. He takes God at His word, though he honestly doesn't know what process God used. I believe Hukabee could find out by some careful reading exactly what process God used, but the President doesn’t need to know that. He needs to be a man pretty much like Hukabee to do as good a job as a President could do today, many things considered.

    Thanks again,