Thursday, November 01, 2007

Anything to get them in...

Since most churches today are more interested about numbers than anything else, they adopt the philosophy of "the end justifies the means." Which leads to this:

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Now that you've watched the video, read this quote by A.W. Tozer:

"As soon as you try to turn the flock everybody says you’re against everything. Of course, I’m against the devil, I’m against sin, I’m against worldliness, I’m against the flesh and I’m against Christianity that pretends to be Christianity and isn’t. I’m against spiritual ignorance that tries to harmonize Christianity with the world. It’s absolutely futile to try to do it. There was a day when our religious leaders were made fun of and laughed at and opposed, even put in jail and driven out of town, but nowadays they are riding on the shoulders of mobs and the multitudes because they are trying to make Christianity as much like the world as possible in order to win the world.

That’s the philosophy of the present hour–trying to make Christianity like the world. Show them it’s like them only it’s a little higher, and pretty soon you’ll win them. Don’t we know that Christianity demands the impossible and secures it? Don’t we know that Christianity cuts straight across the instincts of man? Don’t we know that the message of Jesus Christ runs contrary to man and not in favor of man?” [Tozer on Worship & Entertainment, pp. 179-180]


  1. I am definitely with you on this one. I guess their idea of being "moved by the spirit" is a little unconventional.....

  2. I was glad to see that you also are concerned about the influence of Rick Warren. I am very concerned as well. PS. I can't find the original of your latest touching GodTube post of the father and son at the railroad. Could you please send me the link at Thanks.