Friday, October 19, 2007


I don't know if any of you saw it this morning, but for just a few minutes I had up a post about our upcoming revival. No sooner did I get that post up with a picture of our revival announcement than I received a phone call and now our revival for November 6-11 with Rev. Marshall Smart is no longer happening due to a scheduling conflict.

Now I have scheduled a meeting with Rev. Paul Pierpoint for November 16-18. I'll see how long this post is on the internet before my phone rings again... :-)

By the way, if anyone would happen to know where I could find a picture of Bro. Pierpoint on the Internet please let me know. I thought it would be fairly easy to find one due to him having pastored at Hobe Sound, but thus far I've come up empty. Let me know if you know where to find one. I need one for our revival announcements and I hate to bother him since he's off preaching a revival elsewhere. Thanks!


  1. Yup. Lookin' blue here in Canada.

    Unfortunately I'm only good at identifying problems, with no accompanying ability to offer solutions. :-)
    (I'd make a good church member don't you think?)

  2. I have had numerous problems with evangelists doing this to me. I am not sure how to resolve it. It leaves the church in a lurch. When Rowan Fay canceled on us for this November we decided to join up with a sister church for their revival. The problem is that they were having John White and he canceled on them.

    Evangelist cancel for many reasons. Manytimes they are getting out of evangelism, have sickness, over book, or even try to rearrange a schedule. With Bro. Fay he wanted to change dates on us again. This time it just did not fit our schedule. We had Youth Challenge, Pastoral Leadership Conference, and a Ministerial to attend. I just wish I could have found out about the changes 6 months ago and possibly would have been able to schedule in someone else. Consider yourself fortunate to be able to get another evangelist.

    Since being at Keepville we looked over our Revival speakers and realized all but one either changed dates at the last minute, canceled ,or as in the case of one got sick at our house and I ended up finishing out the revival for him. He was about 10 minutes into his Sunday morning message and looked back at me and said "Doc I can't go on you will have to finish." He was preaching from a passage that I had only read over and never had studied out. The Lord helped and it added to our list of evangelist stories.

    I guess even calling ahead and confirming doesnt work. I had thought about making them make a deposit for our revival and then if they canceled they would forfiet their deposit. LOL!

  3. I am glad I found your blog. Your Classic Holiness Sermons sight is awesome! Thank you.