Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm struggling :-)

I would love to be at the Pastoral Leadership Conference at GBS right now. Of course several of my pastoral friends have blogged about the fact that they are attending. This of course makes me green with envy! :-) Just kidding! Unfortunately due to work I'm unable to attend. I had been planing to go ever since I first heard about it but then I became a full time bus driver...if only they had video (or at least audio!) streaming...


  1. You and I can join the pitty party together, I had deeply desired to go as well but the mission schedule and the fact we are going to the east at thanksgiving made me have to forgo such trip.
    But my heart is still wanting to be there. :^((

  2. Hi Jon! I know how you feel . . . I'm stuck and can't go, but would LOVE to hear H.B. London in person.
    BTW, to you get his pastor-to-pastor cd's? They're now free to pastors.