Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Like Mike!

I've had a difficult time really settling on a candidate for President that I really like. Guiliani is a liberal...McCain likes to be buddies with the liberals too much...Romney is a Mormon who I kind-of like but am not sold on...Thompson I don't know enough about and am not sure if I trust him completely although I think I like him the best of the top four...Ron Paul is crazy...Sam Brownback is good but doesn't stand a chance...and all of the rest don't stand a chance and I don't know much about them.

Mike Huckabee is a true conservative who I really like his stands on the issues. I am beginning to believe that he does have a chance and he is coming up in the polls. I think that a lot of conservative Christian's are really beginning to get on board with him.

So, at this point I'm officially a Mike Huckabee supporter. Check out this video of him speaking at a pastor's conference.


  1. Interesting analysis. I like Mike too; he comes across with a great attitude. I'm nervous though about some things he's said, he seems to agree with some pro CFR policies. Also Mike's Spiritual hero is a CFR member. (What's the prob with CFR? Then read my July 17th , "CFR & 2008 Presidential Candidates" post.) Please let me humbly request that you youtube Ron Paul and really let him speak with his words rather than what the Media has to say about him; he has been misrepresented by the "mainstream" media. Many times we conservative Christians who aim to be Biblical are thought to be crazy by liberals. Likewise a politician who has integrity and sticks to the Constitution will be misunderstood and misquoted by those who want to undermine the Constitution or by those who don't understand it or that it protects our Religious Freedoms. Please read my Oct 9th post called "The Inconsistency of the political Christian Right that could cause them to self destruct." I first met Ron Paul and heard him speak years ago and LOVED him and he has not changed since then. A lot of Prominent Christians are starting to hear him and like what he is saying too. He's pro-life, been married for 50 years to only one wife, his 5 children (3 are doctors) are helping him campaign, he has NEVER voted to raise taxes, he wants us OUT of the UN, etc, etc. Lord willing, he'll have my vote.

  2. There is a lot of things that Ron Paul says that I agree with him on - as I do with several of the candidates. The problem I have with him is that he comes across at times as being crazy. For instance, his reasoning for why September 11th. happened is crazy in my opinion.

    Yes I agree that we should not be the world's policemen and I think that we have gotten involved in far too many conflicts that we should not. But, to say, as Ron Paul does, that we should get out of Iraq immediately is crazy in my opinion.

    There are other issues I could mention, but suffice it to say, he comes across to me as crazy at times.

    Love ya Phillip, but I've got to disagree with you about this one. :-)

    I think that with him you either love him and are a die-hard supporter, or you think he's crazy. There's some things about him I like, but for me Mike Huckabee is my choice at this point.