Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Decision Card

You will probably find this "decision card" in use by a church near you. In fact, if you'll click on each of the decisions you'll find just why these are the current "decisions" that are being made in churches today.

Perhaps if you're like a lot of today's pastors, you will want to print this card out and use it in your church services this Sunday.

Those of you who are a little more observant will notice that none of these "decisions" has anything to do with the Gospel, then again, most of today's preaching doesn't either...


This decision card comes from "A Little Leaven."


  1. Hey...thanks for posting this card...I think I'm going to print it off and start using it here in Columbus!!! I think Bro. Hedstrom would be VERY impressed. :-)

  2. Well, I am definitely committed to having the greatest sex ever, but we get your point.... :-)

  3. My only question is this... Why shouldn't the church talk about RELEVANT issues such as Sex, Money, Relationships, and our Purpose in Life? These are issues that people deal with, and if we don't address them in church.... we are basically leading our sheep to the slaughter.