Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shepherds lead - not drive

As you can see in this video, this is an epidemic that is taking placing all over our country. A new "modern" "relevant" pastor comes into a church and tries to run off anyone who doesn't agree with their new methods. This leads to stories like this one where the pastor threatens to have 80+ year old members arrested if they come back to church. The police are involved, and the world looks at Christianity with derision.

This is the trend in the new purpose driven, relevant churches of today. If your people don't agree with you, just tell them not to come back! This is the modern way of being a Shepherd. God help us!

Stories like this one are all over the news and internet these days. Obviously there are times when there are trouble makers in the church that may need church discipline exercised. However, I don't think the current trend that is happening has anything to do with the need for church discipline. I'm afraid it has everything to do with Pastors who want to be dictators and be "cool" and "relevant" like all the other modern purpose driven pastors and so they are taking over churches and they are determined to run them however they see fit. If you don't agree with them - good by and good riddance and don't come back!!

Shepherds are supposed to lead their sheep, not drive them...unfortunately a lot of "shepherds" these days think they are leading, but instead they are driving - and if you don't like it, you'll be run over and run off!

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  1. Totally disagree, the idea of having a shepherd drive from the back of a flock is to observe any sheep (congregation) that may have fallen and aid them as opposed to run them over!
    It is far more effectual to lead from the back as it mean you guide a whole church as opposed to having to stop and go back to get them if they fall off!