Saturday, May 19, 2007

Can I Live?

I do not listen to rap music. I think rap music is terrible, and the whole rap music culture is having a terrible effect on people today.

That being said, I watched the video I posted in my previous post and through that came across a video by Nick Cannon. He is a rapper, an actor, etc.

He has a song and video out which you can watch by clicking here, which tells the story of how his mother almost aborted him. She eventually ran out of the abortion clinic and he was later born. He asks the question in this song, "Can I Live?"

While I don't like rap music, the rap culture, etc. I applaud him for being courageous enough to promote something good - rather than the usual junk that is portrayed in rap music and videos.

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  1. I knew Nick Cannon. He was my neighbor about 7 years ago when I lived down in Orange County, CA. He was a nice guy but could often be heard in his garage, playing on his drums. His dad lived with him and my mom became friends with his dad. They really are nice people. This was all before he became a big star, when he was on Nickelodeon. Then he got bigger and had to move closer to LA. I never knew his mom. She lived in San Diego. But he would often visit her and from what I saw, they were pretty close.

    I never knew that about his mom almost aborting him. That's sad. My mom was almost aborted too, but my grandma, thank the Lord, read the papers the doctor asked her to sign before she signed them. One was an abortion paper. (My grandma had heart problems and any type of labor would have killed her. Guess the doctors don't know everything-she lived to have two children and see her grandchildren grow up.)

    Sorry for the long comment. I just thought I'd share these stories with you.