Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus - A "Good" Person

I'm sure you've heard about the whole ruckus over some stupid comments that Don Imus made on his radio show. I don't know what you think about this whole situation, but that's not the point of my post. What caught my attention is something that he says in this video: (this video includes his comments in which he used some crude language - just a warning)

Did you catch it? What struck me in this video was when he said, "I did a bad thing, but I'm a good person."

Isn't this just so typical? Everyone thinks that they are a good person. The Bible tells us that every man will proclaim their own goodness, but it also says that there are none good, no, not one. In order for people to be truly saved, they must realize that they are not "good" and are in fact bad and sinful and wretched in the eyes of God. Our job as a Christian is to help this world realize their true condition - so we can then point them to the Savior.

I preached about this on Sunday at my church - if you would like to be bored you're welcome to read my long sermon from Sunday by clicking here. (I think I preached about 50 minutes - too long I know! :-)

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  1. If he'd have put on a baggy basketball shirt, pants with the waistline at his knees, some really gaudy gold jewelry, worn his hat crooked and put it all to rap "music" he would have been hailed as "a true brotha'!" This world's screwed up.....