Thursday, March 22, 2007

Potty Evangelism?

Here I was all worked up about "Silent Witness Week"...

Forget faithful witnessing. Forget going out and trying to win the lost. Apparently all you have to do now to win people to Christ is have a great church bathroom...

Seriously. This post from the blog A Little Leaven will either make you laugh or it will make you cry (or possibly both). Apparently there's a church in Minnesota that tricked out the men’s bathroom in order to attract men to their church.

Click here to see the post and make sure you check out the pictures. It's not so bad that the church has a nice bathroom, but quote from the front page of their website is the part that blows my mind:
Does that come as a bit of a surprise? We hope so, because part of the mission statement at CFC is to “proclaim God’s reconciling love through Jesus Christ to neighbors, co-workers and friends.” The men’s room is just one of the many ways this church is trying to accomplish this mission. As Pastor Paris likes to say: “We are willing to go to any lengths, use any means necessary, to bring people closer to Christ.”
So, apparently if you want to draw closer to Christ and win people to Him, all you have to do is have a tricked out bathroom!! Now, I'm all for nice bathrooms, but really is this what it takes to bring people closer to Christ? I even remodeled our church bathrooms (although, I've got to be honest, ours doesn't compare to this one) because I wanted them to be a bit more attractive than the green toilets from 1970 that we used to have.

But, is this the way to reach the world? Is this how a church should be broadcasting itself and the message of Christ? Is this what we must do to compel people to come to church? Now we'll market our church bathrooms as a means of convincing men to come?

Really people, we have the greatest Message in the world. Let's spread the Gospel, not our bathrooms.

Please pass the duct tape, my head's about to explode!