Monday, March 05, 2007

I feel kind-of important

I just found out that the site has a post with me in it! (I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or not).

Click here to see what in the world I'm talking about.


  1. Hello Jon,

    I happen to care. FYI, I just thought I'd do what I could to bring some traffic your way.

    Um, you're welcome...I guess.

    In Christ,

    Ken Silva
    Apprising Ministries
    Ezekiel 3:7-14

    Owner/General Editor
    Christian Research Net

  2. Hey, thanks for caring! :-) And for directing traffic my way. The comment about me not being sure if I should be proud of the fact that you had linked to me was not intended to be a negative about, but I was making a sarcastic comment about myself and my blog.

    My blog tends to be sometimes serious but mostly silly stuff that I'm not always sure if I should be proud of or not :-).

    My "who cares" tag is kind of my generic tag for posts that don't fit in some of my other categories.

    Anyways, thanks for linking to me, and for reading and posting comments on my blog!