Saturday, March 24, 2007

Church sign of the Day

I was driving through Tifton Georgia today on my way to the hospital to make a visit, when I saw a church sign from an Assembly's of God church with this message:

I'm not exactly sure what to say about this...

By the way, this is not an actual picture of the sign I saw, this is just the message that they had on their sign. I created this one on


  1. I guess it's all about shock value... I was so "blessed" by a song on Enlightened the other evening that had a similiar phrase, "Jesus saved the #!@# out of me". Now doesn't that make you weep for joy.

  2. Hey, was this a stab at our good friend Jon here? I personally thought it was very creative, pointed, and funny!

    (Jon, just see what you've done! Now I'm defending you!!)

  3. Guess we will have to read the entire Holy Bible to really know what to say...