Friday, February 09, 2007

Microchip tracking bill in North Dakota

I've posted several times about the issue of microchip implants that are being implanted in humans. It is my opinion that this is what will lead to the mark of the beast.

Anyways, in North Dakota they are debating a bill regarding employees that are wanting to force employees to have chip implants for "the purpose of closer supervision."

Quote from the article:

“How far does it really go?” asked Bismarck resident Jim Oshanyk, who said the implanted microchips could keep track of an employee’s movements down to the number of hand repetitions. “They can keep very close tabs on you. My main concern is privacy.”

Oshanyk listed examples of microchip implant uses, including a business in Ohio that required some employees working on top-secret projects to have implants. He mentioned that in some areas, newborns receive implants that could track them if they were ever abducted.

Steve Bitz, also of Bismarck, said the microchip implantation could work like a UPC code, but could differentiate products individually and not just by type. In a human, it would work like an ID.

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