Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is abortion

Warning!! This video is very graphic, but I think everyone needs to see this video to understand just what abortion does to innocent life.

Again, this video is very graphic. You will probably not want to watch all 3+ minutes of it, but this is the reality of what takes place millions of times each year in our country.

This is not the choice of a woman's body, but the destruction of a child's body!

God forgive us!!


  1. Jon, I am DEFINITELY Pro-life. And this video is disturbing. I honestly just can't believe this is going on. God help us. With all this happening, I don't know why God hasn't consumed us all yet. Truly, our God is a God of mercy!

  2. Ok, that video is really disturbing. I can't believe that people actually think that it is not real baby when they do that to them. I just can't believe it. That is awful what we are doing to our babies.