Saturday, January 20, 2007

The gallery of Dubious Photojournalism

If you have never been to the gallery of Dubious Photojournalism you've got to go check it out. I love this type of humor - I guess since I'm a little goofy myself, I love goofy humor. Click on the picture above to visit the site. Whoever is behind The Sacred Sandwich website crack me up!


  1. Loved the humor links; especially the following line - His future projects include The Extreme Bible for Teen Primates and The Purpose-Driven Chimp.
    I almost get the idea from your blog that I'm not the only Holiness preacher who hasn't fallen into the Rick Warren fad.

  2. You are correct that I have not fallen into the "Rick Warren fad." I'm glad to hear that you have not either...

    I've definitely got to get a copy of "The Extreme Bible for Teen Primates" to hand out to all of the teens at my church! :-)

    Thanks for reading my blog - I'm always surprised (and a little embarrassed) to discover that someone else is reading all the "stuff" I put on here.

    I read your blog and your sons blog frequently as well.