Thursday, December 21, 2006

Marketing Christianity

This video reveals something sad about Christianity today and witnessing. People think that if they slap a "Christian" bumper sticker on their car or wear a "Christian" t-shirt they're a witness to the world around us. I'm afraid that the world around us just looks at us like they do the "pink flamingos" which are mentioned in this video.

I think the saddest thing about this video is that there are "Christians" who really think they're being a witness be wearing and do these things.

Marketing is the big thing in Christianity right now. Go visit and other websites if you don't believe me. The important issue to most churches is not going out and doing personal evangelism but "branding" sermons, having the hippest services and facilities, putting commericials on TV, and in general just trying to "appeal" to the world around us so they will bust down the church doors to get in so they can listen to the churches hip rock band and watch cool dramas and listen to a self-help, feel good sermon.

While all these things may not necessarily be wrong in and of themselves, is that what Christ intended for the Church and for evangelism? I think not!

Watch the video and share your thoughts.


  1. Jon,
    I agree that this "bring them to church and God will do the rest" approach to evangelism is not correct. I read several blogs that constantly bash these groups of marketing type Christians. I (think I) know that you're not like that. Maybe when you get back from your relaxing time in the great north, you could research/ post some info re: what the church SHOULD look like vs. what the church DOES look like. I think you'd do a great job with trhat topic.

    Keep blogging; I enjoy your posts!

  2. I believe that is EXACTLY what Christ wants the church to do. It's actually the example that Christ himself set for us.

    He was the master at drawing crowds and he did it by identifying with the culture. In that day it was through parables that had complete cultural relevance.

    He also managed to get a swipe or two in at the religious leaders every now and then.

    Once He drew the crowd He was then able to share His message. My church has an awesome message of hope and love to share and I want people "busting down the doors."